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In order to assure that your settlement offer or payment plan proposal is properly received and accurately applied to your account you must fully complete the top portion of this form, as well as either the Settlement Offer or Payment Proposal section of your choice. Your email address and phone numbers are critical to follow up should we need additional information from you. This firm is a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and all information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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Authorization: I understand that this offer of settlement or proposal for a payment plan is not effective until BQ & Associates P.C. L.L.O communicates acceptance of my offer or proposal.  In addition, I understand that if my offer or proposal is accepted, that all payments must be made in the agreed amount, and must be received by BQ & Associates P.C. L.L.O by their due date, or BQ & Associates P.C. L.L.O at its option, can declare the settlement offer or payment proposal withdrawn.  In that event, the full remaining balance will be due, and any payment made on the account thereafter will be applied against the full balance.  BQ & Associates P.C. L.L.O may contact me by email regarding this matter.